Marketing campaigns with beer uber-brand Brewdog

Image showing a colourful graphic montage of a Brewdog Punk IPA
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Shoreditch Design's dynamic video and animation department has been actively expanding. So when we were asked by drinks uber-brand Brewdog to produce a series of videos for their Black Friday campaign, we thought about it for all half a second before saying yes, please!

Brewdog started as a craft brewery in Scotland in 2007 and has since become a global household name brand with four breweries worldwide and beer sold in bars and shops all over the UK. Our goal was to increase sales within their direct to customers from their website.

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The word Beer Revolution in a bold textured font sat on the background with a black and white picture of the earth in front of it. Several arms protrude out of the top of the world holding Brewdog beer cans.
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 Animated loop showing a brewdog punk ipa slowly revolving around off axis, whilst a blue neon brewdog logo flickers on a black background casting light onto the can.
"Shoreditch Design Studio picked up a pretty demanding project and ran with it from the get-go. Their creative flair, astute project management and vision brought our ideas to life in a super-tight time frame at a really competitive cost."
Daniel Jones
Brewdog Brand Manager
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A can of Hazy Jane, sits on a treadmill with a paper textured background.
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A muted blue background with a can of Punk IPA sat on top of a mountainscape with birds and clouds around the top of it.

Our design thinking

The initial brief was very open, giving us creative freedom to develop some big ideas that still worked within the brand. After working up some product-focused concepts from our in-house studio, we worked with their Marketing team to produce a series of videos that would resonate best with their core craft ale consumer. These initial campaigns were focused on shooting the product and getting high-definition shots of the physical product.

For our second project, the client came to us asking for a series of 4 explainer videos to dive into the taste palette and processes behind their top 4 beers; Punk IPA, Hazy Jane, Elvis Juice, and Lost Lager.
We began with visual research and mood boards to establish an epic tone realised through collage, taking inspiration from retro superhero comics.

Shoreditch Design Studio developed an original creative direction that embodies the Brewdog spirit.

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Finished product

The Shoreditch team had a lot of fun with this one, from the in-studio video shoots, animation, and collaboration with the Brewdog team. And most importantly, sampling the product and ensuring it is the best beer.

Our video campaign work for Brewdog has launched successfully across the UK and Europe, with multiple translations! It has been a dream collaboration, and we're happy to say we have an ongoing partnership with their team.

A video of close up shots of a can of Punk IPA opening and then being poured into a glass.
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Three brewdog beer cans with coloured trails coming from the bottom of them.
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A can of Punk IPA on a multicoloured background
Multiple cans of Punk IPA appearing to float in space with a large can in the centre of the image also floating in space.

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