We have a tried and tested approach to delivering great quality work at speed

“The reliability & passion of full time employees, with the flexibility and scalability of an agency”

Anthony Beilin
CEO & Co-founder at Collective

About us

We’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their millions of customers more effectively through design

Our skill set

Our design team have a varied background and a collective 100+ years of experience in design. Meaning a greater breadth in skill and experience set than you could hire in house or with freelancers.
Shoreditch Design Studio
A mid-weight design hire

Our methods

01 We work collaboratively
We embed directly with your team and bring them along every step of the journey, even if that means sharing messy scribbles or brainstormed ideas.
02 We adjust to the client
Our schedule and team are at our partners service,  we re-calibrate depending on your preferred way of working.
03 Plug and play
We work as an extension to your team and can communicate and project manage in your preferred software.
04 No egos
We listen and learn and don’t believe we know it all. We work with you to realise your ambitions and care as much as you do about your business.

Our approaches

Most Popular
Option 1
Day Rate
Hire us on our standard day rates.You pay just for the time you use with no commitments.
Best for
Emergency cover
Short sprints of work
Open ended but small projects
Option 2
Our preferred method for longer term collaboration and larger projects. You pay for a fixed monthly allowance of design resource. In small, medium or large packages.
Best for
Product design
Projects longer than 6 weeks
Embedded design support
Option 3
Fixed cost and length projects for tight briefs. We provide a fixed price estimate that you know is safe.
Best for
Small projects with concise briefs
Small websites
Known deadlines

How the retainer works...

Flexible, on-demand and embedded design support. Get in touch for pricing.
Only pay for the design time you need. Our retainers have 3 options for the design teams.
  • Small - Part time
  • Medium - Full time
  • Large - Extra time
We have a tried and tested approach to delivering good quality work when you need.
  • Prioritised backlog in Trello
  • Daily comms in Slack
  • Weekly reviews
We can work on any creative need you might have. UI, UX, Illustration, Marketing, Product, Video, Pitchdecks, Social Media, Advertising, Animation, Branding, Iconography and much much more
We grow with you. Your retainer size can scale as your company requires, we can even support you in your journey to move all design in house.

How we work in practice: No middlemen

Talk directly to us, the designers. We join your team as expert
collaborators and work together to your goals.
One project lead designer as a prime point of contact
Supported by your own mixed skill set team
Guided by experienced Creative Directors
And assisted by a company of specialists for bespoke needs
Our client types

Who we work with

We help companies of all shapes and sizes and adapt our work approach accordingly
Got a great new idea, but need help to realise it? Our team acts as a muse to your vision, creating MVP products and fresh brands. We can then work alongside you as you grow and build out your team.
Need to rocket fuel your startup to the next stage? We help growing companies and SMEs create new products, rebrand or assist their attempts at scaling with design help.
We have been lucky enough to work with some of the largest companies in the UK and the world. No matter your size though we attack your problems with a startup mentality, speed, ideation and creative flair.
In-house teams
Need extra resource for your existing design team. Can’t quite scale fast enough? We can help. Plugging in and out of your workload with ease.

Why us?

Why us vs a:


  • Dependable: Unlike flighty freelancers, we aren’t going anywhere, some of our clients have been with us for 3+ years
  • Constant: Support 51 weeks of the year, we are only closed at Christmas, continue even when sick or on vacation
  • One stop shop: Mixed skill set allows us to deliver for every industry and need
  • Teamwork: The simultaneous work of multiple designers for tight deadlines
  • Experience: We have 100s of combined years of experience to draw from
Why us vs a:

Full time employee

  • Flexible: Pause or cancel with ease, perfect for uncertain times
  • Constant cover: No holiday or sick pay costs
  • No overhead costs: No laptop, software, equipment, office, pension, national insurance
  • No perk costs: No bonuses, healthcare, socials, conferences, travel
  • No management overheads:  No hassle of promotions, OKRs and reviews
  • Safe: Remove the gamble of an unknown hire, we have dozens of 5 star reviews & testimonials
Why us vs a:

Another agency

  • Digital design specialists: We are a UX/UI and branding design agency only. We aren’t a marketing, or engineering agency with design wing
  • Collaborative: We have proven processes but can adapt to what works best for you. We share designs daily
  • We embed designers: Most of our team works by plugging in existing product teams
  • Humble yet confident: We push ideas but know when to stick to best practise
  • Enthusiastic: We’re young and hungry and eager to impress
Frequently Asked Questions


Why us instead of individual hire?
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Will I get a dedicated designer?
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What weekly meetings will there be?
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Can you embed with my existing design team?
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Do you cover maternity leave or hiring gaps?
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What do I need in my brief to get a quote for fixed prices?
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Do you have special rates for early stage startups?
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