We create digital brands that connect with your customers, transforming business performance through strategic visual identity. Whether starting from scratch or wanting to develop your existing brand, we can help.


Good branding is more than just an instantly recognisable logo — it's a cohesive identity that takes your business from unknown to unforgettable.

At Shoreditch Design, we’re proud of the work we do to set brands apart from their competition. But what is it that puts our studio ahead of the pack?

What they say about us

“Delivered high quality, custom-designed work at speed which helped us stand out from the pack.”
Anthony Beilin
Collective CEO + Co-founder
“I was really impressed by how quickly they worked, from initial concept work to finished product. Always easy to reach and delivered exactly what we needed to meet an important deadline.”
James McAulay
CEO and Co-founder at Encore
“Exceptional communication, dedication to delivering exactly to client expectations, and an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish.”
Dan Murray-Serter
Heights CEO & Co-founder
“Delivered high quality, custom-designed work at speed which helped us stand out from the pack.”
Anthony Beilin
Collective CEO + Co-founder

Branding that resonates with your audience

Crafting a strategic visual identity can transform your business performance.

The branding specialists at Shoreditch Design have built powerful brands from scratch and evolved existing branding efforts to propel business growth.

Here’s a taste of what we offer:

  • Logo & visual identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Art direction
  • Asset creation
  • Brand naming
  • Component libraries

How we craft unique brand identities

Your brand’s ‘look’ affects every purchasing metric from conversion to ongoing customer loyalty. Therefore, it’s vital that you collaborate with a branding agency with a track record of realising impactful, brand-encompassing visual identities.

At Shoreditch Design, we tailor the approach taken to each new client. We delve deep into their brand ambitions before putting pen to paper to design branding that best communicates their values.

This all starts by having our people talk to your people. These initial conversations help us to get a feel for the themes that our designs need to reflect.

Next, we come together to brainstorm different branding concepts. With so many moving parts to consider, it’s these initial sessions that help us to unpack each visual element

— from typography and logo marks to colour palettes and collateral.

Through this creative process, we listen to your feedback and refine our concepts until they’re just the right blend of memorable and appealing to your target audience.

Why Shoreditch Design?

We’re proud to be a London brand agency with a difference. Unlike other agencies, our team is made up exclusively of design specialists. In other words, we’re not an advertising or development firm with a design wing — creating beautiful visual assets is what we do day in, day out.

Through this, we’ve built a culture that puts creativity first. The designers in our ranks are always looking to impress both our clients and one another, too. It’s this passion for design that unites us to deliver our best work, push the envelope, and build on our past successes.

No concept is passed on without having first been worked on by multiple designers in the studio. And every step of the way, we’ll be checking in with you for feedback on how we can perfect your branding.




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