Powering the switch to community solar with Powermarket

Photograph showing a Powermarket welcome flyer with a solar panel picture on the top half
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Powermarket is a community solar platform that allows Americans to switch to clean energy from shared farms. Their service selling point is that it is much less expensive and more accessible than installing solar panels or accessing another clean energy supply. Powermarket provides climate-first solutions that make putting the environment first a breeze for consumers. We loved working with a team that reflects our values, and we were fortunate enough to redesign their marketing and branding and contribute to their product.

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"We contracted with Shoreditch for an ambitious brand refresh and website redesign across multiple web properties. Although we are a NYC based company, we chose Shoreditch after vetting other design studios and after having worked with different designers and firms over the years. We cannot say enough about them. Andrew pulled in the resources necessary and at the right time to keep our project on track. Shoreditch intuitively knew when to push and then to pull-back as the work unfolded. We can't recommend them highly enough. Andrew has the perfect demeanor and patience required to produce excellent work."
Eric Dahnke
Founder at Powermarket
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Our design thinking

We went for a stripped-back illustrated style to reflect the simplicity and cleanliness of the brand, and it's mission. We maximised the design system for different purposes; for B2B (business to business), we utilised a more subdued palette while keeping the pops of vibrant green minimal. When working on projects aimed at B2C (business to customer), we added more of an edge with the jolts of neon green and wider pallets. Our in-house animation team created some illustrations and looping animations to show how the system works and to add some localised interest to the site. The homepage hero updates based on location; for example, when someone logs on to the website in New Mexico, it features a bespoke illustration of the naturally occurring stone arches.

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Finished product

Even while working within a tight budget, we delivered a relatable & energetic brand and revitalised the website with a quick turnaround. The end results are precisely the direction Powermarket was looking to go in. Working directly with their product and marketing team has been such a wonderful experience! We are happy to remain in good contact, and they have been kind enough to refer us to others in their industry.

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