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Web design for tech: What makes a future-proof site?

When the classic ‘80s movie Back to the Future predicted the 21st century, it foretold of flying drones, tablet computers and devices that can be unlocked with your fingerprint. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s finally happened — the futuristic tech of our favourite sci-fi flicks has become reality. We’ve reached this point because of the rapid development of the global tech industry — now estimated to be worth a mind-boggling $5.2 trillion (£4.075 trillion).

As more and more tech startups race to invent the next best thing, they need to do all they can to show off their latest developments. And while it might seem like a fairly primitive bit of tech, the humble website is still arguably the best way to engage your investors and customers. Although, even the greatest minds of our generation are left scratching their heads when it comes  to technology web design— and that’s where we come in. 

Our team at Shoreditch Design creates inspired tech sites for some of the boldest brands in the game. Read on to learn about how we do it.

What should a good tech website contain?

Industry giants like Microsoft, Google and Apple have set the bar for good tech website design. So, to stand out in such a competitive landscape, there are some key criteria that our designers consider. And this is with good cause, too, as your web design serves as the front page for how your brand is perceived. If it is outdated or non-functional, your audience might worry that your products follow suit.

Here are some of the key elements that we target when creating technology website designs that stand the test of time.

1. Impactful style

There are no two ways about it: tech is a heavily saturated market. If a new and enterprising startup is to stand out, it needs to look original — and this means having an instantly recognisable visual identity. Between colours, graphics, animations and more, website landing pages provide ample opportunity to make your brand look different from the rest, permitting that you have designers at the helm with oodles of creativity.

That’s why we’re so excited about our work with Esenda, a startup platform that assists with school fee collection.

We helped Esenda to craft its visual identity from the ground up, ready to launch on the market and become the go-to solution for all things school payments. Integral to the campaign, the Esenda website needed a coherent look, and we went with a sleek, striking aesthetic that drew on existing brand colours and gradients.

With its dark, dynamic hues and elegant typography, Esenda looks every bit the futuristic fintech platform — but a modernised look doesn’t mean that it has to be inaccessible. We also created a series of infographics to explain how Esenda works and what safety measures are in place to build trust among its growing user base.

2. Informative animations

When words fail, visuals reign supreme. And with tech solutions, you’re often working with a complicated lexicon and some tough concepts to get your head around, spanning healthtech, fintech and more. But if you’re going to become the next best tech platform, a lot of users will need to sign up for your services — and that means that the layperson needs to understand what you actually do.

Wise is a payment solution that lets its users send money abroad as safely and smoothly as can be.

When we worked on Wise’s web design, we anticipated that we’d need to produce content with second-to-none clarity in order to engage site visitors. And, most importantly, we wanted them to leave the site more informed than when they came in.

So, we set out to make simplistic and engaging animations that could be easily embedded wherever necessary on the site, just in case copy explanations became a little wordy. The very idea of fintech solutions is that they make things easier, not harder — so to illustrate how Wise’s complex business processes work, we broke them down into easy-to-follow and digestible loops.

2. Data-driven visuals

Anyone working in the software space will tell you that data is everything, informing the development, marketing, and distribution of tech products. But within customer-facing channels, it needs to be digestible if it’s going to have any actual impact. Basically, data is great for user experience — but only if the user is actually going to absorb what it means.

When we designed the TeamSportz website, we set out to make an inspired healthtech platform that was confident in both its look and messaging.

However, a solid colour story only goes so far — so we also incorporated data-rich visuals to appeal to the niche of tech-loving athletes that TeamSportz targets in its branding and marketing efforts.

The app itself is driven by user data, focusing on bringing cutting-edge tech to the sporting community. We wanted this messaging to be consistent between the mobile platform and their web design. Taking our cues from sports tech visualisation, (and most importantly, the colour red) we designed a web experience that enticed users using data visualisations, giving them a taste of what to expect in the full mobile app.

How do I create a tech website?

With so many moving parts to think about, it can seem like a huge undertaking to get your tech website designs finished in time for a successful launch. However, we have the process down to a fine art — creating the blueprints, getting approval on designs, and sending prototypes for development in just a few weeks.

Basically, we create technology websites that look good, feel great to use, and follow design methodologies that will stand the test of time.

Leave it to Shoreditch Design

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