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We’ve been proudly working with Wise (formerly Transferwise) since the beginning of 2021 on their digital design creative needs. Wise is a Fintech Unicorn whose mission it is to make it easier to send and receive money globally at reduced fees. Their success has culminated in them being recently publicly listed with an opening valuation of £8bn.

We had multiple design challenges set by the Wise product and marketing teams. These included redesigning their business website to reflect their new brand and direction, exploring ways in which they could increase business account money transfer through the use of iterative, user testing design, and devising a creative new marketing campaign for their Brazilian audience.

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“What a great partnership! Andrew and the team deliver high-quality outcomes consistently, efficiently and with great attention to the details. They synergised with our internal team from the start and built a great rapport with our designers and engineers that made it possible to move fast on the project without compromising on quality."
Jacopo Marcantonio
Design Lead at Wise
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Our design thinking

We saw an opportunity to differentiate Wise Business from their dark consumer page offering, keeping things lean and sleek, and using engaging, short, explanatory animations to enable the user to understand processes immediately.

After deep-diving into their brand and fullying understanding their values, we got to work on creating rapid iterations of their business page. To make business processes more appealing, we utilised a simplistic and engaging style for informative animations. These were created as lotties which enabled highly compressed video to be easily imported and embedded by their developer team.

For the Brazilian marketing campaign, we looked to make Wise’s services more tangible and relatable to a local audience across targeted email, socials and paid ads. In doing so, we decided to utilise iconic food groups (in Brazil’s case, the famous “Brigadeiro”!) in order to quantify savings in an attractive and relatable visual format, making the potential customer look twice, thus driving traffic and engagement.

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Finished product

We helped Wise develop a style within their system which enabled its B2B services to feel valued and differentiated from Wise’s regular services. 

The Brazilian Marketing Campaign was featured in some local articles:

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