Why every serious business needs graphic design

Maybe we’re biased, but we think graphic design makes the entire world go round. We see it everywhere — from the packaging of our favourite breakfast cereal, to the newspapers we flip through at lunch, and even the banknotes we use to pay for that post-work pint.

But why is graphic design important in society? Essentially, the purpose of it is to communicate a message as effectively as possible when words simply aren’t enough. These designs help us take our cues from the world around us without needing to sit down and read a string of text to understand every novel concept.

Even the makers behind the wordiest of products — take our earlier example of a newspaper, for example — recognise the value of graphic design. Whether creating a logo, website or advert, any business that’s serious about success needs to invest in good design.

So, just what is the benefit of graphic design?

Here, we’ll explore some of the key purposes of graphic design and take a closer look at how we’ve integrated these all-important principles into some of our finest work.

Why is graphic design important?

Ultimately, good graphic design will successfully market your brand, goods, and services. In the context of your business’ broader marketing efforts, it serves as a vehicle to attract new customers, build trust, and increase conversions.

By providing an accessible, fast means to convey a message, graphic design can advertise your business in seconds — which is more important than ever in our digital-first world where consumer attention spans continue to shrink.

Here are the top benefits of graphic design.

1. Create a first impression that lasts

The most important thing about graphic design is that it helps you advertise your business well. After all, assets such as your logo, TV spot or web ad could be the very first impression that a customer has of your business.

Effective graphic design allows businesses to convey their values and core message through a wide array of collateral, including infographics, brochures, web design, and social media assets. These are what will ultimately inform your brand’s visual identity, capturing your values and positioning in the market.

A well-crafted visual identity signals professionalism and credibility — two significant determinants of customer purchasing behaviour. It reassures people that they are dealing with a serious, competent business. And while a poorly designed website or lacklustre social media asset can halt visitors in their tracks, a visually appealing presence will usher them further into your sales pipeline, with a positive impression of your brand.

This initial interaction sets the stage for the rest of the customer journey — and it’s a crucial first impression to make.

We conducted design sprints (our phrase for collaborative brainstorming) to create some shiny new web assets for LoveHolidays.Our initial thinking was this — what do British holidaymakers love? Sun and blue skies. Our designs were made with this vision in mind, combining simple illustrations with a summery colour palette to make a striking first impression.

2. Establish brand recognition

Through meticulous attention to detail and an emphasis on consistent design elements, graphic design enables you to craft a cohesive and memorable brand identity. This uniformity promotes brand recognition, ensuring that consumers consistently engage with a distinct visual identity that belongs to your business.

This is the value of graphic design — through visuals alone, you’re able to build a bespoke brand aesthetic. This provides a competitive advantage in any saturated market, helping to differentiate your business from the rest. After all, some 750,000 new businesses were set up during the fiscal year between 2021 and 2022 in the UK alone. Does yours stand out?

A cohesive visual identity draws consumers to your brand when faced with several different options.

Recognition also helps to foster trust in your business, a foundation on which long-term brand loyalty is built. When customers consistently encounter your brand’s design elements across different touchpoints, it builds a sense of familiarity, pushing discerning customers towards your brand over the rest.

There are countless brands out there — so how do you set a truly unique one apart with visuals?We collaborated with GB Snowsport on a series of assets integrating their dynamic brand colours with thrilling home-filmed footage of winter sports, creating an instantly recognisable look for the industry-leading brand.

3. Effortlessly communicate your message

We humans are visual creatures, innately drawn to visually engaging stimuli. This makes graphic design an indispensable tool for communication. What might go unsaid by your words can be eloquently conveyed through visual elements, sharing your brand’s values and immediately capturing consumer attention in a way that words alone fail to.

And graphic design is versatile. Using illustrations, infographics and data visualisations, you can distil and present complex concepts in a digestible way. These have the ability to grab viewer attention and ensure your message is retained.

Plus, your assets can be shared across platforms, creating an omnichannel experience for your audience. From bold, impactful website visuals and social media reels, all the way back to tried-and-tested print materials, graphic design helps your message resonate with audiences wherever they find it.

The graphics and UX components we produced for SBG Sports Software put complicated data sets under the spotlight.To solve the challenge of presenting rapidly changing data and many visualisations in a small viewport, we trialled countless graphics until we could communicate this complicated content in a streamlined way.

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