Anywhere is better than an estate agent

Photograph of billboard on london street, reads "St Ives. Buckden. Houghton & Wyton. Anywhere" features anywhere logo in navy with light pink background
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Anywhere is a new platform with the aim of making moving house epically easy. They wanted to be the leading marketplace for buying and selling property in the UK (at least for starters).Targeting homeowners who want to sell or buy their house with speed and certainty rather than stress and worry, they were looking for a mass-market brand to appeal to a wide range of potential users. They came to us to help them build their new brand and first website from scratch.

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Photograph of anywhere billboard campaign reads "Anywhere is better than an estate agent." with anywhere logo
“We're super excited to go to market with our new brand”
Katie Jones
Cofounder of Anywhere
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Our design thinking

Buying or selling a house is an awful experience. 35% of all property transactions fail and the process is often as stressful as divorce.

Anywhere have re-designed the process from the ground up. Buyers or sellers get their keys or their money within 30 days of the offer being accepted. Everybody has a digital-first, certain experience with no fall-through, no gazumping and no fuss.

In order to best deliver its message to the market, Anywhere needed a brand with wide appeal, self-assurance and a clear, bold mission.

We started by researching the other big players in the online property space. This gave us a good sense of what works and what doesn’t, while also making sure we knew how to stand out in a crowded market.

We then experimented with typography and iconography, playing with the ideas of home, security, movement and selling amongst others. Once a logomark, colour scheme and basic rules for typography were agreed we knew we were in a great place to move forward with designing a fresh, bright and accessible website.

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Finished product

As we began developing ideas for the website the brand evolved further alongside it. We introduced “swooshes”, “swirls” and “squiggles” as a metaphor for the speed and ease of moving house to house by using Anywhere. These brand elements helped breathe life and movement into the landing pages and other collateral which allowed us to experiment with photography and motion in unique ways with a lot of potential for future growth.
Our rebrand for Anywhere can be seen across their website and social media platforms, as they redefine the house hunt market.

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