Branding + product to protect independent workers

Photograph of billboard advertisement for Collective Ad reads “There are now 6.6 million independent workers in the UK and shows a pie chart with 65% self-employed" represented in purple "23% temporary contractors" in turquoise and "12% zero hour contractors" in fuchsia
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Collective is a platform offering big company benefits to independent workers. They have partnered with Just Eat, Task Rabbit and other tech companies that rely on independent freelancers and workers to offer a service. It provides much-wanted protections and perks for essential workers through a white-label platform.  We are proud to say that Shoreditch Design was there from the very beginning as design leads in 2019.

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Photograph of Collective ad in a train station. Billboard ad reads “meet crystal. Courier. Dancer. Independent worker.” features a photograph of a black woman smiling happily looking off camera.
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Image of an Iphone featuring a illustration of three people, one a construction worker, one a nurse, and one a delivery worker on a bike with the caption “With taskrabbit, people can redefine what work means to them”
“Delivered high quality, custom-designed work at speed which helped us stand out from the pack.”
Anthony Beilin
Collective CEO + Co-founder
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Photograph of hand holding Iphone, decorated with Illustration of a person holding an apple, sun and clouds. Screen shows Collective website page with someone checking time off work.
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Infographic featuring illustration of a woman with an afro in the centre, and the words “access” “security” “wellbeing” and “Joy”

Our design thinking

Collective came to us with a single overriding idea - to form a company that really puts freelancers first. But they knew they needed design to launch and scale, and they subsequently would need everything from scratch - a brand, a product and a marketing approach. 

We have worked with Collective in establishing their initial brand identity, which we have helped evolve as they continued to grow! The current design uses bright, friendly colours and playful Illustrations.

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Finished product

Since being founded over two years ago, we've helped them every step of the way, designing their product, their brand and their marketing. They’ve grown from a team of 3 people to 43 people, attained dozens of household-name clients and raised millions in fundraising along the way - all since we had that conversation about that initial first idea. The team at Shoreditch has been so happy to watch Collective grow & expand with their mission!

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