Enhancing the UI and UX of a global healthtech business

Fastic logo on light yellow background
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We have been working with Fastic in a close relationship with their product team as we rethink the UI and UX of their app and web funnel. Fastic was launched in 2019 with one goal: to make simple, healthy fasting accessible to everyone.

Since then, Fastic has helped millions of people in over 50 countries lead happier and more balanced lives. Today they exist as a dynamic, international company dedicated to encouraging people worldwide to better their health with intermittent fasting.

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A woman’s hands holding an iPhone, displaying a mock up of Fastic’s home screen
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A mockup of a screen from Fastic’s app, with focus on the water and step widgets
“A big thank you to the entire product team, our designers from Shoreditch Design. Katie, Rosie, & everyone else who has been involved in the implementation so far and has done such a great job! Looking forward to the new Circle!“
Sebastian Wettcke
Fastic Co-Founder
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Two screens displaying a range of widgets, including a fasting timer, water, steps, habits and course trackers
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A screen from Fastic allowing users to edit their fast plan. User selects ‘experienced’ with a fast schedule of 17 hours to 7

Our design thinking

We’ve worked side by side with their existing product team to dive deep into the interface and experience design for their iOS and Android App and web app.

Revolving around designing new features, rethinking existing ones, and trying to boost conversion rates, we have worked on every part of their product as we have been fully integrated with their team. We have also worked with their marketing team to help with branding, advertising, and marketing assets. Our most recent project consisted of a full UI makeover to give the app a fresh feel.

Check out our Fastic before the rebrand in the gallery below!

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Finished product

Initially, we had a 2-month full-time deal with one of our talented design teams, and we now have two full-time dedicated and integrated designers working. For the last months, our designers have been working hand in hand with Fastic, from morning stand-ups to product implementation. Get in touch if you are after integrated product design or marketing help!

A range of cards with illustrations and descriptions relating to gender and activity level.
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A Macbook displaying a page from the Fastic website titled ‘Our programs are developed by world-class nutrition experts’. Below displays a number of the nutrition experts profiles.
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Two screens from the Fastic app. One displaying the users weight loss progress in a visual line graph. Another showing a list of customer reviews all giving the app a 5 star rating.
3 screens allowing users to connect their Google Fit account with Fastic.

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