Web design for a revolutionary meal supplement

Photograph of Macbook featuring Rootana’s website on rustic wooden table, screen shows the unique selling points of the brand
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Rootana is more than just a meal supplement; it helps shake up your diet and provides vital nutrients to avoid the “2pm slump”. Their powder becomes a creamy, delicious shake crafted by expert nutritionists to achieve the perfect macronutrient balance.

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A screenshot of the site showcasing reads ‘30-35% Fat’ and shows photograph of seeds and nuts
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step to step guide of how to make Rootana shake, title reads ‘shake shake baby’
"High quality, efficient and timely turnaround of work. Would recommend for site design work."
Duncan Ramsay
Head of Commercial Rootana
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Photograph of iphone with Rootana’s mobile design. Screen shows photograph of kale and avocados and reads “4% Fibre”
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screenshots of Rootana site in mobile view main screen reads “What makes rootana different” with photograph of coconut sugar and serine mountain view over lake

Our design thinking

With a product that was so carefully crafted, we wanted to make sure that their website conveyed the same amount of care. We took inspiration from the brand’s mission to best represent the product as wholesome, natural, nutritious and, most importantly, with a mouthwatering taste. After thorough research on the competitive market, SDS understood how to set it apart from the others.

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Finished product

Our team worked to make design decisions that reflected Rootana as a brand, including simplified and approachable infographics to show nutritional information. Our colour choices and image use genuinely reflect the whole. The website has just launched, and we couldn’t be more excited for them to help more people live healthier lives.

Gallery of photographs of vibrant yellow sunflowers and a woman with afro smiling floating off a mobile design. reads “sunflower seed oil”
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Animation of a layered leaf illustration, rootana product bag pops up in the middle then vanishes

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