Setting the standard for renewable energy with a complete design for Voltis

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To celebrate and relaunch the merge of Oak and Green and Livos Renewables, their new team contacted us to create an impactful and united fresh look.

Within a few weeks, we completed the complete brand + website package for Voltis and got their team ready for launch!

We started with a workshop to establish an energetic name to give the brand the vitality to match its ambitions. We then span out a whole new brand identity to help sell their goal of being the go-to investor in Solar farms in the UK. With a unique identity in place, we designed and built a new website and launched it

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"They have taken the time to understand our company and ensure that this is reflected in the product. The different options were always well thought out, and creative and they really understood our company's values, vision and goals. Regular meetings meant that we could be constantly assured that our project was heading in the right direction, and we could trust that the output would capture the essence of our brand.”
Voltis Team
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Our design thinking

We brainstormed until we reached a name that was instantly identifiable as being part of the energy market but was snappy enough to suit the techy ambitions of this startup. Voltis.

The brand's visual identity had us thinking about the futuristic and electric nature of photovoltaic farms and the visual motif of the timeless energy the sun provides. With the animated logo mark, we wanted to create something that encompassed both the source of energy and the sun's rays but also the future ambition of the company to be more involved with wind turbines alongside their Solar array farms.

The next step was to choose a typeface (Aeonik) and a vibrant colour palette that balanced between the timeless earthy nature of the farms these PV panels sit on and the futuristic technology of the energy itself. We then paired with image and video choices that suitably matched the British countryside where most of their sites sit.

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Finished product

Within a 10-week sprint, we managed to roll out a new name, brand identity and, complete website design and build. The client has been thrilled with the result, as seen by their full review below! "We are really pleased with Shoreditch Design Studio's excellent work on our company rebrand and new website design and build. The team at Shoreditch Design Studio has met tight deadlines, and we are really pleased with the final product. From initial concept meetings to making final amendments, the team has been fantastic at updating and communicating with us, making this process a very collaborative experience.

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