3 reasons why your business needs animation

We’re not a betting agency, but if we were, we’d wager that animation hasn’t placed among your top business priorities for 2024. Now we’re going to convince you that it should.

During its short history, animation has turned countless businesses into pop culture phenomena, responsible for everything from the iconic works of Walt Disney to the Compare the Market ads. No, not all phenomena are made equally. But even in the internet age, animated video is still proving a successful marketing strategy. In fact, we now see it on far more than just our TV screens. Billboards, social media, and even virtual environments are hosting animated ads in all of their technicolour glory.

So, if you’ve been searching for a medium to take your business to the next level, animation for marketing could be the answer.

But if your campaign is going to make those perfectly rendered waves in the market, you’ll need to partner with the right team for the job. With that in mind, we’re going to walk you through some of the benefits that animation could bring to your business using over very own clients as examples.

What is animation?

Before we get to the fun stuff, let’s make sure we understand the basics. Animation is a visual technique used in marketing, entertainment and other forms of content production to create the illusion of movement from static images.

In the olden days, this meant bringing hand-drawn objects to life by flicking between many successive frames. But nowadays, it involves using digital technologies and computer-generated imagery to add movement to models and scenes in a virtual environment.

How can animation be used for business?

Businesses use animation in a few different ways to market or inform an audience about their products. It makes up a large part of many brands' visual identity, helping to bring advertising campaigns to life.

Let’s take a look at some of the dynamic ways to use animation for business.

1. Brand advertising

Animated advertisements and promotional videos showcase your products and services in a way that words can’t. Naturally, each format has its purpose — but when it comes to flaunting your wares in a visually engaging manner, animated video is the strongest tool in your arsenal.

Whether it's a 3D product tour, a virtual prototype, or a cartoon tale depicting your brand origin story, animation can capture an audience's attention and make sure it’s retained. Plus, it can be used across any number of channels — from TV spots and Instagram stories to assets embedded on your webpage.

2. Explainer videos and training

Animated explainer videos are concise, informative animations designed to explain a product, service, or concept. You’ll often find them in tutorials when you’re learning your way around a new app or service, but they can also be used for company internal comms, e-learning, or wider training purposes.

Explainer videos are especially useful when you want to break down a complex idea into succinct and memorable visual assets.

3. Presentations and experiential marketing

Lastly, animation may also be integrated into presentations, trade shows, or as part of an experiential marketing campaign. Here, animations can command audience attention and communicate your key messages, making booths or big-screen presentations all the more memorable for viewers.

These animations might incorporate an interactive element, too. More and more, we’re seeing this unique form of marketing crop up and make headlines as a brand awareness strategy For example, during the unmissable promotional campaign for Barbie in 2023, experiential marketing efforts like filters and selfie generators were all the rage. And they paid off, with the fushia-clad film earning historic figures at the box office.

Why is animation important for business?

So, there are certainly plenty of opportunities to embed animation into your marketing assets, reach your audience, and most importantly, be remembered for it. But you might be wondering: what’s the point?

Here are some of the top benefits offered by animation for business.

1. It drives audience engagement

Animation makes your still assets visually compelling, boosting the chances that viewers will pay attention and retain the information you’re sharing. You only have to look at some of the most successful movies and ad campaigns of all time to see how the dynamics of animation capture audiences’ attention, fostering a deeper connection with the content.

We’ve produced plenty of exciting assets during our ongoing collaboration with Brewdog. Our punchy animations engage viewers by combining beautifully rendered models, snappy transitions and real pub footage into one dynamic final product — grabbing attention and leaving mouths watering in equal measure.

2. It’s a versatile tool

Survey the vast array of animation styles and you’ll see that it’s undoubtedly a versatile tool. Animation for marketing, informing, entertaining — this flexible medium allows businesses to tailor their video output precisely to their brand identity, ensuring a cohesive final product that complements the wider portfolio of marketing materials. And with an omnichannel marketing strategy, businesses can enjoy higher rates of brand recognition, increased customer retention, and even boosted sales.

We’ve produced a wide range of animated content. Take our work for data platform Responsibly, for example. Here, we weren’t advertising an illustrious IPA with a gorgeously modelled can, but using animations to break down complex information into more digestible assets that clearly articulated the product’s function. This is the versatility of animation.

3. It’s an affordable asset

From classic stop-motion to more modern practices, animation has come a long way to reach where it is today. And with technological advancements, this pioneering art style has gone from prohibitively expensive to more affordable than ever. Companies can produce animated assets in-house or partner with animators even without a bank-breaking budget, depending on the production methods and needs of the business. Animation’s flexibility makes it a viable option for businesses of all sizes, helping create high-quality videos and complementing a range of other communication tools.

With a tight budget and a quick turnaround, we revitalised the Powermarket website with a dynamic mix of illustrated animations— adding a dose of visual intrigue to keep users engaged as they navigate.

Partner with Shoreditch Design’s elite animation team

Animation provides businesses with the momentum they need to command audience attention — and it could unlock the potential of your own brand’s marketing campaigns. Whether you’re looking to realise and render your product’s best angles, produce dynamic explainer clips, or tell stories with an iconic brand mascot, we have designers who can help.

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