Crisp design for a product seeking a carbon-zero future

Photograph of laptop screen with a chart labeled “our guiding Principles” including AI, Information, Data, Design, Equity, Knowledge, Behaviour and Unity.
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Expect is a mission-driven, for-profit company addressing the climate crisis. They use a cutting-edge AI-first Climate Intelligence Platform, which provides organisations with intuitive pathways to reduce, remove, report and manage their carbon emissions, and to do so profitably. Their headquarters are in London, but they work worldwide to reduce company emissions. We worked with them over several months to deliver a striking rebrand and professional, sleek website.

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Photograph of screen with a diagram labelled “Expect Systems design approach” and sub title reads "Brilliance comes from getting the basic right” AI, Data and Design
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Woman reading laptop screen with the title “the time to act is now”
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Phone screen with a vibrant blue gradient background, the image on the screen reads “decarbonise profitably” with an image of new york skyline at dusk.
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Multiple screen grams of the Expect website image 1. About page Image two “hiring page” image 3 “advisory board + founders story”

Our design thinking

Design-wise, we desired to give Expect the look of the future as their company manifesto aims to reshape the future. From the beginning, we knew we needed an epic design to pair with the colossal company goals. We selected dark backgrounds with bright cyan blues and punchy text. For imagery, we chose from an array of rolling landscapes to cityscapes, toned down with a lower exposure so that the vibrant gradients used for the key statistics and information would pop out and stick in the user's mind. Symbolically, this use of imagery represents the fact that there is a barrier between this peaceful future if businesses and cooperations take action now.

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Finished product

With a powerful call to action and an even more significant vision for the future of business & the planet, Shoreditch Design crafted a carefully considered visual direction and website for Expect. Our product development helped launch this startup into the market with zest and momentum, and we can't wait to see what they accomplish.

Two ipads stacked ontop of eachother featuring Expect website, one screen reads “personalised decarbonisation” with rolling green hills, the other “Stronger, together” featuring the website menu and an image of vibrant blue butterflies.
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Infographic with ‘expect ai’ featured in the centre, surrounded by “understand” “navigate” + “accelerate”
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Expect website screen titled “our Mission” subheading “we exist to help our clients + partners collectively reduce CO2 emissions by 500 megatonnes this decade” over a photographic image of the moon.

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