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At Shoreditch Design, we support our designers when they have an innovative product idea. One of our own, Noa Peeters, came up with the exciting concept for a new app to innovate how we save website links.

In the digital age, where most information sharing happens over mobile devices, keeping track of the links that matter to you can be challenging. If you're like most people, you probably have many links saved in various places - on your computer, in your email, and maybe even in a few different browser tabs. That's where Jota comes in; no more wasted time searching for old links. With Jota, everything is just a click away, and Jota makes it easy to share links with friends and family. So whether you're looking for a new recipe or planning your next vacation, Jota has you covered. You can categorise your links by subject so you can easily find them again later. Paste links within the app with one tap, or add them from your browser. Jota provides a contemporary solution to collating information in the modern era.

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"There will always be people who love your product and people who hate it, and there’s nothing you can do about that. What you can do is focus on making the best product possible, and don’t worry about trying to please everyone."
Noa Peeters
Founder of Jota + Product Designer at Shoreditch Design
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Our design thinking

After she came up with the initial idea and was given the green light, Noa and her team delved into researching the existing link-saving models. The research phase was crucial in establishing the shortcomings of current link-saving models, such as "bookmark tabs" and existing apps. Next was a phase of fearless visual experimentation to optimise the user interface and experience of the app design.

The homepage is simplified with two main areas, your general collection and the categories page. The 'general collection' shows all the links you've saved to the app and features a search bar + tags to immediately identify the category. The categories page provides specific links based on their labels, such as 'summer trip to Rome' or 'London Restaurants'. This significantly paired-down layout achieves the user-friendly simplicity the team was after. She worked with the Impresset development team to build the app and undergo user testing, ensuring optimal functionality.

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Finished product

The design result is a practical, considered interface that fills a gap in the market. The app is currently undergoing its first round of marketing + advertising since the initial IOS launch, and Shoreditch Design couldn't be more excited to support Noa & her team in gaining momentum for Jota! We are all collectors, sharers and curators and keep hold of what matters to you. Give it a try now, and never waste time searching for a link again!

Check out Noa's article on her experience building the app here.

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